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"Social media's not just for kids!"

"Social media's not just for kids!"

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Sally Brockway, aged 53 (pictured above), talks about her new online course ... Social Media for Mid-Lifers.


"When I set up my own PR agency back in November 2016 and started looking for business, I was astounded by the number of highly motivated, intelligent and successful entrepreneurs I met who had no social media presence.

They were mostly over the age of 40 and the very mention of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram was enough to bring them out in a cold sweat.  They could just about handle paying somebody to create a website for their business, but had decided that social media was for the kids.

It’s not and to prove a point, I devised an online course about social media for people like me who once used a landline to arrange dates and read newspapers made of actual paper.

50% of the UK population use social media in some form or other, so why would you choose to be in the half that’s missing out?

My course, which is called Social Media for Mid-Lifers, covers the basics. It will show you how to:

·      Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

·      Give you a guided tour of each platform.

·      Show you how to post text, pictures, video and GIFs (animated sequences).

·      Demonstrate how to control who sees your posts.

·      Find free images to use on social media.

·      Use simple social media scheduling tools.

·      Find hashtags that work

·      Use the Instagram Stories function.

You don’t need to use all three of these platforms, it depends on what you are looking for. I first discovered social media when I did some shifts at TV Times magazine. One of the young reporters was always on Facebook and I was curious. Initially, it seemed like such an alien concept. Why on earth would you want to tell everybody what you’ve had for lunch and where you’re going on holiday?

But then people I knew started signing up and soon everyone was talking about it, so I created a Facebook account. I haven’t looked back. I’ve made contact with long lost school friends, stalked ex-boyfriends and spent hours looking at cat videos and I don’t even like cats!

My course consists of 33 video tutorials where you’ll watch me navigate various social media platforms as I give instructions. None of them are much more than six minutes long and I promise I won’t bamboozle you with jargon. It costs £50 and if you type in the code Elmbridge50 you’ll get 50% off. Once you have subscribed, you have access to this course for life and can dip in and out whenever you like.

And if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always e-mail me on

Don’t be scared, be bold and have fun!"


 You can buy the course here:




Testament of youth !

Testament of youth !

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