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Vernon Blackmore

'I love the style, both in terms of content and look. As well as the obvious features , 'Living In … Woodbridge ' highlights the nooks and crannies of life in this town and we discover people, businesses, places and causes that would otherwise go unnoticed. It’s very supportive.' 

The Table

We loved the idea of the ‘Living in Woodbridge’ magazine and it was an easy decision agree to work with Angela and Lyn, who are also really nice people! The home and lifestyle focus, featuring Woodbridge people, was novel and exciting. The Barretts ad looked great, and having our Woodbridge Deckchair on the front cover was fantastic - we sold four almost immediately. We distribute the magazine in-store and the response from customers has been very positive. A great start for this new local magazine.

When you advertise in local magazines you expect to get some leads, but what you don’t expect is to get calls from local businesses wanting to partner and work collaboratively on new business opportunities. This is exactly what happened when we advertised our contemporary conservatories in Living In … Woodbridge. Yes, we got the leads but we also got two or three calls from architects and builders proposing lead sharing with a view to increasing each other’s business. The willingness to collaborate has been a revelation for us and will hopefully lead to many more opportunities for all concerned.